spiraalvenn (1)Over the past years, Eco2Focus has been successful in improving methodologies and developing tools in order to achieve long term goals, efficiently and effectively, at low risk. By investigating the problem and its boundary conditions right in the beginning, the optimum direction can be determined. In addition, user and maintenance aspects are taken into account at start. We have developed unique tools, which have been successfully employed at a number of complex problems. We also make use of state-of-the-art R&D software.

Methodologies and tools are listed below:

  • Strategy Effectiveness Model: in-house development to determine the optimum problem solving strategy using force field analyses based upon a “system dynamics”- model variant
  • Simple Asset Management: in-house development to calculate life cycle costs prior to determining the design in combination with an optimized use and maintenance strategy
  • Simple Management Activity Reporting & Tracking Structure: in-house development to transparently and efficiently control multiple projects;
  • Adaptive Contracting Methodology: in-house developed methodology to create sustainable and controllable contracts. Such contracts focus on the common goal but appreciates the differences between the parties, including subcontractors (“across the value chain”) and anticipates on future changes (“over the horizon”). So far, such contracts have never led to any dispute.
  • Solid Works Premium (Dassault Systèmes): advanced 3D engineering design and simulation software.
  • LabView Professional Development System (National Instruments): advanced dynamic systems control, design and simulation software.

These tools facilitate a pro-active analysis of a design or problem over a number of years (typically: the life cycle). This allows us for instance to determine the optimum spareparts strategy to stretch the economic life cycle for hard and software, i.e. it makes our products sustainable and cost effective.

AlfaBetaGammaOf course, extensive and profound expertise is the key element for succes. Eco2Focus has the relevant know how spread across all α-, β-, en γ- sectors. We combine academic level know how with extensive “hands on” expertise. This allows us to efficiently and effectively translate demanding requirements into feasible solutions. Due to wrong or lacking boundary conditions, many projects fail. Our multi disciplinairy approach and fundamental expertise minimize the risk of failure: boundary conditions are thoroughly investigated end verified throughout the process. We concentrate on area ‘s where technological innovation and markets merge.

We have many possibilities and means to match technological innovation with suitable markets, such as: :

  • Feasibilty studies
  • Market surveys
  • Development of prototypes of products and services and bringing them to market
  • Audits (technical, financial, contractual, business)
  • Presentations and lectures
  • Publiek Private Partnership constructions
  • Technical and organizational advices
  • Management and strategy development
  • Life cycle cost analyses
  • Risk analyses

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