About E2F


Eco2Focus  is company, rendering a variety of services in the fields of Energy, ICT and Mobility. We see parallels and links between the three networks, forming the basis of mo­dern society, in which government and industry play their own specific role. Our services comprise consultancy, including multi-disciplinary audits, as well as managing projects and developing new products and services. We are able to realize sustainable and affordable solutions, assuring technical and financial feasibility. I.e., no partial and temporary solutions, but a durable answer to your requirements, while matching other constraints, as or­ganisation, business strate­gy, processes, etc.

Eco2Focus  distinguishes from other companies, in that our broad and profound know how is concentrated in small expert team with years of relevant experience. This dynamic potential allows us to convert strategic and tactical requirements into sustainable, business-biased and technically feasible solutions, Moreover, by employing our self developed methodology and techniques, results are achieved efficiently. This translates into considerable cost savings for our clients. Eco2Focus  has been involved into complex and large pro­jects. Cost reductions of over 50% are not exceptional! We have often been successfully employed as “trou­ble shooter”. We are accustomed to work in close co-operation with the client, involving partners as necessary. Our clients comprise governments, NGO’s, companies, etc.


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